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Office of Research and Development

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About R&D Office

Office of Research and Development

Office of Research and Development (R&D) is the primary office of promoting research and accelerating the academic and industrial cooperation. R&D ’s core duties include: (a) promotion of academic research, (b) management of affiliated organizations(c) technical service, (d) academic and industrial cooperation, and (e) internship and careers related services.

In addition to be responsible for the application to both government agencies and non-government organizations for various research cases, R&D actively enhances the cooperation between the university and government, industries and hospitals so as to promote the communication in between and boosts the dynamism of research and development. R&D will continuously specialize in medicine and nursing and deepen the applied research of government and industry, raise up various sorts of cooperative projects of industry-university, reinforce the patent obtaining and technology transferring, and create new opportunities for sustainable operation of industry.